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Future-Fit Business


Our economy is not fit for purpose and business must find new ways to create sustainable value if we are to endure. Leading the change is Future-Fit Business, a Foundation who guide companies and investors to do business while making the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) become a reality.

At an important junction for the organisation, we were tasked with helping them promote their unique methodology to an audience of global corporations and investors and cultivate a collaborative ecosystem of change makers through a new website and community portal.


Corporate sustainability, investment reform


Website, email campaigns, leaflets and takeaways


Measuring corporate sustainability has historically been an exercise in ranking companies against one another. But what does this mean when virtually every company is undermining the planet’s resources? Companies are rewarded for merely being the least worst of a very bad bunch.

When the world’s biggest companies are rewarded in this way, how do you persuade them to lay themselves bare by measuring their activities according to a scientific break-even point for sustainability? And how do you cultivate a community that promotes the adoption of this approach across the entirety of big business?

This was the challenge we faced in the design of the new Future-Fit website. To create a compelling and persuasive narrative which outlines the benefits of adopting the benchmark to the key audience groups. And that does this in a way that balances immediacy and accessibility with being authoritative and credible.


Our human-centred design process enabled us to quickly identify that Future-Fit Business have three distinct audience groups with the value proposition unique to each.

Armed with these insights our approach was to design a navigation system around these audience groups and communicate the benefits, product offering and calls to action in ways that were specifically tailored to the objectives and motivations of each.

These calls to action funnel each towards joining the Changemaker Community, a collaborative environment for co-evolving the tools, including guidance materials and tutorials, webinars and an interactive forum. We also provided Future-Fit a suite of communications materials to further cultivate the community both within and outside the community platform.


The result is that Future-Fit Business are now the steward of an ecosystem of more than 250 changemakers, collaborating digitally on the benchmark’s development and self-promoting it across business.

Since launch the new website has increased Future-Fit’s digital traffic by 33% and has led to it securing uptake of the benchmark by a number of high-profile multinational companies and investors including The Body Shop, Maersk, Ørsted, Tribe and Hermes.

“Wolf&Player helped us articulate many complex concepts in a compelling way through a web presence as polished and professional as those of the global brands we are targeting.”

Geoff Kendall

Co-Founder and CEO, Future-Fit Business