Harnessing visual design
to create a fair and lasting
future for all

Our story

Wolf&Player is the partnership of Chris Wolf and Lucy Player – two creatives and activists who share the belief that design has the power to improve human-kind. Our world faces many urgent challenges and the way forward can often be hard to comprehend. We believe visual design has a key role to play enabling new ideas to be understood and acted upon.

It is this purpose that underpins everything we do. As your creative allies we help you to better reach your audience with projects that advocate, innovate and transform. All with the singular aim of creating fair and happy societies that can thrive on a healthy planet.

Our collaborators

We believe in working with the very best people and know from experience that by staying small and nimble we can do that more successfully. That’s why we have cultivated a network of talented specialists who complement our own skill sets – so talented in fact, we’re not just open about them, we’re proud of them. Here are some of our go-tos…

Strategy and purpose


Site build

MS Templates

Messaging and copywriting

Film and motion graphics

SEO and digital marketing


Working with us

We do not work for clients, we partner with people. Our values reflect this and shape how we work together.

We dig deep

We are curious learners who embrace complexity. We investigate the brief thoroughly and are not afraid to ask challenging questions.

We aim high

We are bold, experimental and ambitious for our work to have lasting positive impacts – squeezing the most out of every project.

We involve you

Our approach is co-creative. We don’t relieve you of responsibility, instead taking you on the journey with us and seeking your input regularly.

We are human

We know we can’t do everything. Our partnerships are personal and based on a shared commitment to integrity and authenticity.

Join our network

We’re always looking for people with a passion
for change to join our network of collaborators and partners.

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