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SAI Platform


As the world’s population is predicted to rise to more than 9 billion by 2050, the development of sustainable agricultural practices to ensure a constant, increasing and safe supply of agricultural raw materials is absolutely critical.

SAI Platform is a non-profit network of over 100 members worldwide, making a difference from the ground upwards, from the smallest farm to the largest multinational. We were honoured to be asked to redesign the SAI Platform website to promote the initiative to a global audience.


Food and nutrition, the environment


Websites, visual identity


As one of the primary global initiatives for sustainable agriculture, SAI Platform brings together leading global food and drink companies and organisations in a pre-competitive environment of collaboration. It plays a key role convening organisations across the entirety of the food and drink value chain – from farmer cooperatives right through to retail.

The website therefore needed to perform the dual functions of building the existing network’s capacity through the sharing of knowledge and co-creation of solutions, while also increasing membership and promoting the work of the network more widely.


We led the team in Brussels through a series of discovery workshops, identifying objectives and motivations for each part of the audience groups’ online engagement with SAI Platform.

This focus on audience need enabled us to design a website architecture and intuitive navigation that not only showcases member initiatives, on-the-ground projects and global events but also offers easy access to tools and resources that the industry has developed collaboratively over the years.

Our human-centred approach included the development of a narrative proposition made up of clear, concise copywriting perfectly tuned for today’s distracted online reading style. In parallel we evolved the organisation’s visual identity, creating a bold typography and colour system better suited for screen viewing.

Combined with some playful iconography, in-the-field imagery and an interactive story of the organisation’s history, the site visually reinforces SAI Platform’s ongoing commitment to helping its members overcome their mutual challenges.


The result is a strong and confident brand positioning that accurately reflects SAI Platform’s pioneering role at the leading edge of sustainable agriculture.

Since launch the website has posted positive results across all metrics, showing an increase in sessions and pageviews of more than 50%. Content engagement metrics were also up by 35% with reductions in bounce rates and session duration.

“Working with Wolf&Player was a pleasure and our new website speaks for itself. Their creativity and visual planning have brought together a modern and impactful website that narrates SAI Platform’s values and reinforces our leading position in sustainable agriculture.”

Brigid Norde-McAleer

Communications Manager, SAI Platform