Setting, tracking & integrating
high-impact sustainability goals


Report design

SustainAbility is a global think tank and consultancy that inspires and enables business to lead the way to a sustainable economy. It convenes Engaging Stakeholders, a global peer network of leading companies who collaborate to further corporate transparency.

The network produces an annual research report looking at key areas of strategic interest for the network members. We were commissioned by SustainAbility to produce the latest edition focussed on the setting and integrating of high-impact sustainability goals.

The subject matter of goals can be a tricky one. With so many visual metaphors available (targets, finish lines, peaks etc.) it can be all too easy to slide into cliché.

Our intimate knowledge of the space enabled us to quickly identify that many organisational goals are long-term aspirations rather than short-term solutions and that focusing on the incremental progress towards such targets rather than the end goals themselves could be more relatable to the majority of SustainAbility’s audience.

As a result we developed a concept that combined simple graphical treatments representing the incremental progressive steps with striking visual imagery of the societal outcomes achievable through the attainment of ambitious goals and targets.

This combination of bold photography, a consistent graphic language and clear hierarchical typography creates a slick editorial feel and consistent visual identity.

A custom format and premium uncoated FSC Certified and 100% recycled uncoated paper stock resulted in a tactile physical publication perfectly suited for reception area coffee table and boardroom alike.

To round off we created a series of social media graphics, each containing soundbites and quotes from the report to stimulate further conversation across SustainAbility’s network.

“We love the editorial look and feel of this report. The project really highlights the breadth of Wolf&Player’s skills from building the layouts, to designing the graphical elements, to incorporating striking imagery and creating the data charts. All of that comes together to create a design that reflects and reinforces the subject matter – a perfect marriage of content and design. Wolf&Player are a joy to work with and produce very high quality outputs.”
– Rebecca O’Neill & Sarah McElroy, SustainAbility