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Zoë Arden


Nothing has the power of story to change our perception, break down the barriers of dogma and stigma and rally people around a common cause.

Zoë Arden has specialised in communications for her entire career. And she believes the key to developing authentic stories is ensuring they empower people to act and drive real change.


Corporate sustainability, experiential learning


Website, email campaigns, reports and brochures, presentations


Zoë Arden is a communication and leadership specialist who helps companies harness the power of storytelling to achieve their purposeful objectives – creating authentic narratives that drive change. Her work includes storytelling and leadership training, experiential learning and strategy consulting.

Our creative objective was to demonstrate Zoë’s undoubted qualification and authority working in the corporate space while capturing her provocative personal style through a new website and suite of marketing collateral. We were also tasked with providing her the presentation tools to run her workshops and training.


Our first act was to attend one of Zoë’s storytelling workshops to get a sense of her personality and professional approach. Zoë is highly engaging and can easily hold rooms of C-Suite professionals and students alike.

This insight made it obvious that Zoë’s presence had to shine through the website. Firstly we developed a visual aesthetic that is bold, confident and refined. Working with portrait photography artist Mars Washington we commissioned a series of photographs of Zoë at home to capture her personality on screen. These elements were combined to create a striking visual identity for the site and marketing materials.


Zoë’s brand presence has grown significantly since the launch of her collateral. She is currently working with a number of high profile brands and institutions and her marketing and presentation materials regularly receive positive feedback.

“Wolf&Player created an identity that matches my personality and leadership style, developing a brand that has longevity and flexibility. I appreciate working with such a talented, collaborative creative team with shared values and an approach that doesn’t lock you in but enables you to have maximum impact.”

Zoë Arden

Communications and Leadership Specialist