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Building teams that change the world

The Action Lab


How can leaders make sure the right people are in the right jobs, with the right strategy and skills to tackle the environmental and social challenges facing our planet for future generations? The Action Lab prepares teams working on environmental and humanitarian campaigns and programmes for their vital work, helping to unlock people’s potential and improve team performance.


Corporate sustainability leadership, team building


Brand identity, website, video, leaflets


Corporate sustainability and non-profit teams need to influence people with a different agenda, create global partnerships and pioneer systems change. This often means arguing against market forces, which is tough. The Action Lab’s programmes help individuals and teams develop the right combination of skills to overcome objections and accelerate social and environmental change.

To stand out in a crowded professional coaching space Charlotte needed a brand that could take her purposeful motivation and personal offering and make it resonate with an audience of corporate sustainability and NGO leaders.


We started by digging deep into the company’s unique offer, reviewing it against peers and competitors in the marketplace. Armed with these insights we defined the brand proposition as centring on two key pillars of collaboration and action – thus The Action Lab was born.

This was developed and refined into a comprehensive visual identity, embodying the themes of cultivation, growth, experimentation and impact.

The system was rolled out across a range of digital and printed marketing collateral including a simple single-page website, introductory video and leave-behind.


The result is a captivating and authoritative presence for The Action Lab, enabling it to confidently engage prospective clients and partners.