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Observing the ocean to ensure
sustainable use of the ocean's resources

European Ocean Observing System


We all depend on the ocean – not least for the air we breathe. Ocean observing is essential to developing the scientific knowledge we need to assess ongoing changes in the ocean, and act. After all, we can’t manage what we don’t know.

But collaboration is key – by working together, we can increase our knowledge and better manage the vital resources provided by the ocean. As the coordinating framework for European ocean observing, The European Ocean Observing System (EOOS) recognised their need for a refreshed visual identity and website that would bring Europe’s diverse ocean observing communities together.


Ocean science, the environment


Website, visual identity, copywriting


EOOS connects the diverse European organisations, networks, initiatives and projects dedicated to ocean observing, and provides a trusted forum for communities and stakeholders.

Instead of being an asset, EOOS’s website was starting to hold them back – lacking a clear articulation of their value proposition or unique position within the ocean observing landscape. In addition the organisation was in need of a platform that could foster collaboration, strengthen coordination and promote sustained ocean observing and understanding.


Our audience-focussed process identified a clear need to place the organisation’s purpose, position and capability front and centre of the website’s story, whilst also providing tools and resources to galvanise the ocean observing community.

This mission-driven and community focus also guided the development of a new visual style for EOOS. Bold rounded typography feels trustworthy and accessible, while a contemporary colour palette creates contrast with vibrant colour pops. A curated library of documentary-style imagery and a flat graphic style simplifying otherwise complex visuals brings the topic to life in a natural and authentic way.

Copywriting was the final piece of the puzzle, and a confident and inclusive tone of voice was established to deliver the core messaging pillars, encouraging users to engage with materials, spread the word, and connect with the community.


The website went live in January 2022 and immediately started generating value for EOOS improving metrics across the board and driving more than 2,000 page views to the 2022 EOOS Technology Forum event page.

“The team at Wolf&Player helped us bring to life our vision of designing an engaging, attractive and informative website, taking us through a creative process that was smooth, professional and enjoyable.”

Inga Lips

EuroGOOS Secretary General