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David Grayson


Professor Joseph Nye describes a ‘tri-sector athlete’ as someone who can, “engage and collaborate across the private, public, and social sectors.” David Grayson – Emeritus Professor of Corporate Responsibility at Cranfield School of Management, Chair of the Institute of Business Ethics and author of numerous books on Responsible Business – has a career that has spanned all of these sectors, and more.

David approached us to update his web presence and provide him the means to effectively publicise and promote his professional and academic writings and engagements.


Caring, corporate sustainability and social responsibility


Website, email campaigns


The subject of caregiving is something that is very close to David’s heart. Following an extended period caring for his late mother, David decided to author a book aimed at helping employers to better understand and support employees with caring responsibilities – Take Care: How to be a Great Employer for Working Carers was born.

The promotion of this book and David’s many other interests as writer, speaker, advisor, educator, chairman and campaigner formed the central objective of the project.


From meeting David the thing that immediately strikes you is his infectious enthusiasm and passion for his work. As a result we decided to go beyond the traditional blog or publishing platform and create an online space as personable and engaging as David himself.

Our concept involved working with portrait photographer Lisa Bretherick to create a series of stylised photographs of David showing the dynamism and range of his skills and interests. We then crafted an architecture based around the many different roles David plays in his professional and personal life creating an intimate portrait of the man behind the work.

This is integrated with a rolling, filterable and searchable archive of his thought leadership and writing. David writes for multiple outlets and so our focus was to create an easily updatable portal to the many existing sources rather than duplicating articles that exist elsewhere.


The result is a powerful one-stop-shop for all of David’s work, positioning him as the multi-faceted leader he is, while remaining simple and efficient to manage and upkeep.

“It was a real pleasure to work with Wolf&Player: they have experience of the sustainable business field and are creative, practical, well-organised, responsive & kept to budget! (Important for a Yorkshireman & a social entrepreneur like me!). Will definitely use again.”

David Grayson

Advocate for Responsible Business & Corporate Sustainability