Going all in on sustainability

All In


To have a fighting chance of enduring success, businesses can no longer be half-hearted or tentative about sustainability, they now have to go All In.

Written by three leading thinkers in the field of sustainability – David Grayson, Mark Lee and Chris Coulter – All In identifies the essential attributes of high-impact corporate sustainability leadership and describes how companies can combine and apply those characteristics for future success.

We were delighted to partner with the authors on the book cover design and supporting marketing collateral.


Corporate Sustainability, the environment


Book covers, websites, print advertising, workshop materials


The new book All In: The Future of Business Leadership  provides corporate leaders with the inspiration and guidance they need to fully embrace the opportunities and challenges of sustainability leadership.

We were tasked with coming up with a cover concept that represented the book’s themes, would be appealing to an audience of corporate sustainability leaders and create a splash at its launch at the Sustainable Brands conference in Vancouver.


The book is rich with quantitative and qualitative insights and offers current and aspiring business leaders a succinct overview of the most important developments and trends in corporate sustainability and responsible leadership.

Our experience of working within sustainable business meant we knew that taking the environment as our jumping-off point would be an error. A corporate audience needs to be spoken to in the language of business and so we developed a concept that emphasised the book’s research-based core.

An arrangement of dots represent the quantitative aspect of the surveys that form the basis of much of the book’s insight. The dots are gradually increasing in density in an arrangement that simultaneously combines a representation of the certainty of the past and uncertainty of the future with a sense of momentum around coming together and going all in on the subject.

The concept was executed with a striking blue and yellow colour scheme and rolled out across a promotional website, suite of digital and print marketing materials and workshop presentation.


In the two years since the Vancouver launch, the marketing collateral has helped the book reach business audiences in over 25 countries on every continent except Antarctica. It has featured in podcasts, webinars, and radio shows and also been translated into French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and Korean.