Renovating, rejuvenating and restoring to
move beyond the age of mass production


Identity, interaction and campaign design


Humblesticks believe that the age of mass production has already produced enough. They renovate, rejuvenate and restore mid-century furniture and upholstery using only environmentally friendly methods and materials.

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We have partnered with Humblesticks since it was dreamt up by Richard and Katy in 2013. Acutely aware of the company’s start-up limitations our brief was to achieve the maximum possible output for minimum cost and so our focus was on providing an identity system and suite of marketing tools that Richard and Katy could take forward independently and use to grow the business.

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We created a simple identity system and suite of collateral, developed a Shopify website solution and setup a series of branded email newsletter templates. All designed to enable Richard and Katy to start marketing and selling to their customers with minimum fuss. The scalable infrastructure we put in place has allowed them to grow their operations independently and creatively.

In three years the company has gone from strength to strength, being featured in The Guardian and Mid-Century Modern magazine and their email campaigns were featured in Campaign Monitor’s Hot 100.

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Working with Chris & Lucy is always a pleasure. They listen carefully and are always quick to understand what we’re looking for – even when we’re not always sure what that is ourselves! Chris finds simple and smart solutions to any technological challenge and Lucy’s visual sensibility favours simple, clear and elegant design, which suits us perfectly.”
– Richard Holman, Founder of Humblesticks