Transforming business to
thrive in the 21st century

Future-Fit Business

Interaction and campaign design

Our economy is not fit for purpose and business as usual will not get us to a solution. Being the ‘least bad’ company is not good enough: to thrive, business must find new ways to create value which delivers environmental, social and financial success.

Leading this change is Future-Fit Business, the developer, promoter and steward of the Future-Fit Benchmark, a free tool which guides companies and investors to create value for themselves and society and make the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) become a reality.

We have been Future-Fit’s communications partner since its conception, helping them to articulate their unique methodology, and to develop a digital strategy for promoting the Business Benchmark to a target audience of global corporations and investors.

The flagship deliverable has been the creation of a corporate website which outlines the benefits of adopting the benchmark to the key audience groups and create an ecosystem of changemakers who can collaborate digitally on the benchmark’s development.

Our user-centred design process enabled us to quickly identify that Future-Fit Business had three key audiences – companies, investors and advisors. Crucial to our strategy was recognition of the fact the business value generated by the benchmark is unique to each audience group.

As a result our approach was to design a navigation system around these audience groups and communicate the benefits, product offering and call to action in ways that were specifically tailored to the objectives and motivations of each of the audience groups.

A secondary part of the project was to develop an easy to navigate online version of the Benchmark which allows companies and Investors to explore the Break-Even Goals and Positive Pursuits and track their own progress towards Future-Fitness.

In addition we continue to work with Future-Fit on the development of a Changemaker Community, an online community hub, that will include guidance materials and tutorials, webinars, an interactive forum and act as a collaborative environment for co-evolving the tools.

The website, currently in it’s second iteration, combined with a suite of marketing and communication materials has been critical to the growth of Future-Fit Business.

Our collaboration has seen them evolve from a partnership into a resilient team of more than ten staff who have built meaningful relationships with a number of multinational companies including The Body Shop, Maersk and Ørsted.

“We needed a communications partner who could help us articulate complex concepts in a compelling way through a web presence as polished and professional as those of the global brands we’re targeting. Wolf&Player nailed it, on time and on budget, and we are confident they will continue to do so as we grow.”
– Geoff Kendall, Co-Founder & CEO of the Future-Fit Foundation