Uniting against antimicrobial resistance

AMR Industry Alliance

Report design

The AMR Industry Alliance is a coalition of over 100 life sciences companies and associations that was formed to drive and measure industry progress to curb antimicrobial resistance.

We partnered with the AMR Alliance to design the first progress report since members made commitments in the Davos Declaration (Jan 2016) and AMR Industry Roadmap.

As the Alliance’s first ever formal publication we saw an opportunity to properly establish the AMR brand as something unique in the pharmaceutical space. Our intention was to create something which balanced the need for urgency and action with the rigorous academic nature of the research content.

Keen to avoid the often clinical and stark aesthetic predominant in the sector we sought to create a more relatable visual tone of voice with a strong human core. We achieved this with a liberal use of the bold brand palette and inclusion of natural imagery of people at work. The report themes were signposted through a variety of location contexts, including laboratories, hospitals and pharmacies, as well as in the home.

The 100 page publication was complemented with a digestible Executive Summary, both printed on FSC Certified and 100% recycled paper stock.

The final report showcases the life science industry’s efforts and commitment to fulfil its role as a necessary and constructive partner in finding sustainable solutions to tackle AMR and is the first industry-wide grouping of this scale to make a formal response to the AMR emergency.

07 Sep 2018

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